On-site installation and maintenance

… servicing and scheduled or emergency maintenance on customers’ sites

Our team can also provide servicing and scheduled or emergency maintenance on customers’ sites. Our personnel specializes in installation and inspection of electro-instrumental devices both in Italy and abroad, using tools for assembly, control systems, tests, certified calibrations of controlloops and providing assistance during start-up phase. Portable tools, used by our technicians, are carefully checked by our Quality Assurance department by point of view of accuracy and tolerance. We have tools, suitable especially for maintenance of manual or servo-assisted valves, e.g. gate and globe valves, including sophisticated machines to grind and adjust shutters and seats: as a result, we are able to work on valve diameters up to 32″ on site.


The know-how, gained during 40 years of practice, the professional ability of employees and the modern technology, used in our activities, are now parts of a Quality System approved by prestigious certifying body Det Norske Veritas according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.