Industrial supples and packages

… Industrial supplies and packages

Our company can also carry out, on the basis of projects provided by customers or developed by ourselves, the manufacture, assembly, tests and checks of the following items, issuing also conformity declarations according to up-to-date standards:

 Control panels
 Instruments racks and cabinets
– Packages
– Small plants on skid (e.g. NOX abatement systems, compression systems, seal gas panels, manometers)

This office specializes also in the supply of actuators, valves and other devices, together with all the instruments and accessories belonging to them.


The know-how, gained during 40 years of practice, the professional ability of employees and the modern technology, used in our activities, are now parts of a Quality System approved by prestigious certifying body Det Norske Veritas according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.