… Engineering

Our Technical office works mainly on electro-instrumental and industrial automation projects. After the acquisition of a project, we develop it on the basis of customers’ requests and specifications to issue complete and detailed technical documents. Here they are some of the activities which our office specializes in:

– Selection of instruments, control and safety valves; development of their datasheets
– Development of documents concerning electrical connections for field instrumentation (primary, pneumatic, assembly diagrams, wiring and outline)
– Development of documents concerning connections between field and control station
– Development of control documentation (functional schematic, logic diagram, flowchart, cause & effect diagram, I0 list). – PLC software development
– Realization, functional check and testing of control systems
– Design of industrial layouts
– Mechanical sizing and development of building details
– 3D modelling.


The know-how, gained during 40 years of practice, the professional ability of employees and the modern technology, used in our activities, are now parts of a Quality System approved by prestigious certifying body Det Norske Veritas according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.